Hey guys,

One of the awesome aspects of GEO is the social atmosphere.  We absolutely love that people have forged new friendships here, and we encourage you to chat to each other and get to know each other.

Can I, on behalf of the Coaches, please make a small request though –  when it is time to warm-up; when the Coaches are explaining the workout and all that it involves; or when we are trying to coach the movements, can you guys please listen up and put a pause button on the chatting.  There will be plenty of time to talk once all of the important stuff is explained.

Here’s why I ask.

a) At GEO, we squeeze a lot into our sessions.  We want to maximise what you get out of each hour so that you not only feel like you got a good workout, you actually did;

b) At GEO, we take pride in our Coaching.  We actually want to show you the movements you will be performing, and we want to coach you on how to do them properly.  There are plenty of gyms out there that will say, “OK guys, here’s the workout, get your gear out and let’s get into it.  3, 2, 1 Go.” Every gym is different and every gym operates according to their own philosophy.  Our philosophy is to coach you on how to actually do a movement, and guide you to be better.

c) Most members come to workout and they want to learn, and they want to listen so that they can be better.

When someone is talking while the Coach is going through important details, it means we have to explain ourselves again, which takes time; it means other members are being distracted; it means some people end up doing the wrong thing because they weren’t listening; it means we have less time to coach you or stretch you or help you.

Please don’t get me wrong and take this as meaning you cannot ask questions, or you cannot ask for help.  Quite the contrary.  That’s what we are here for.  If you have a question, ask away.  Chances are there is someone else who was curious about the same thing.  We want to help.  If everyone is listening during coaching it will go a long way towards a smooth running session where we as the Coaches can deliver to you the best session possible and ensure you get what you need to progress.

So again, feel free to chat and catch up with friends before the session, but just give us a handful of minutes of quiet while we are Coaching and everyone will be happy.  Thanks guys.

– AB


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