“BURPEES FOR THE KILI KIDS” – all of your questions answered


Hello Team,

Many of you know by now that, in partnership with the “Friends of the World Foundation” we are running a fundraising event here at GEO on Saturday 24 June 2017.  The goal of the event is to raise money for some important community projects we want to support in Africa, namely the orphanage “Kili Kids” which houses, supports and educates 30 orphans; the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which does amazing work with orphan elephants who have lost their families due to the ever increasing poaching problem; and the Ol Pejeeta Conservancy which currently looks after the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, and also does a lot of good work with local communities and other wildlife.

Our fundraising event will be a challenge of epic proportions but one that I know you can achieve – 5895 Burpees, to be completed in teams.

I would really love for as many of you as possible to be involved, either directly on the day, or by supporting us financially. This can be done one of 3 ways:

a) Pay $20 to participate in the Burpee challenge;

b) Buy a “Fast Forward” for $10 which will take 100 burpees off the total for the team of your choice;

c) Make a donation of any amount

Each of these options can be accessed by visiting the Eventbrite page we have set up to support the event.  Click on the button below:
Eventbrite - Burpees for the Kili Kids

Now I know many of you are busy on that day, or you have other commitments that mean you cannot stay for the whole day so please read the FAQ’s below to see how you can still be involved and if you have any other questions, please contact me on 0488 588 252 or email Adam at enquiries@friendsoftheworldfoundation.com

How many people can I have in my team?

You can have as many as you want.  The more people you have, the less burpees you will have to do.

What time does it start and when does it finish?

We will kick off at 7am and run the event until 3pm

I can’t spend all day there, I have other commitments on that day.

You do not have to spend the whole day at the event.  If you can only spare us 1 hour, then come in for an hour and do some burpees.  Whatever you do will help out your team.  If you do 50 burpees, that’s 50 less you team has to do.  Let your team know when you can come in.

What if I don’t have a team?

You can join one of the other teams.

What if I do not want to do 5895 burpees?

Unless you are in a team of one, you will not have to do all of those burpees.  You will share it with your team mates.  You can also buy “Fast Forwards” for $10 each which will take 100 burpees off your total.  You can buy unlimited “Fast Forwards”.  Hypothetically you could buy 60 of them for $600 and not have to do a single burpee.

Where do I buy “Fast Forwards”?

You can buy them on the Eventbrite page by clicking the button above or you can pay cash on the day.

Where will all of the money that is raised go?

The money raised will be split 3 ways between the Kili Kids project, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.  The only admin costs we have in relation to this event are the fees charged by Eventbrite to use their services.  After all fees are paid, the entire amount remaining will go to the 3 different causes.

I cannot come on the day so how else can I  help?

You can make a donation (using the button above to access the Eventbrite page), you can buy “Fast Forwards” for other teams, and you can spread the word amongst your own network to support us by either taking part in the event or by donating.


I want to do this with a group of friends but we can’t get to CrossFit GEO on the day.  Can we still be involved?

Yes, you can organise your own team and do it at the location of your choice.  You can still register through the Eventbrite page.  Just email Adam at enquiries@friendsoftheworldfoundation.com so that we know you are joining us on this epic challenge.

What if I cannot do a burpee – can I do a substitute?

Yes, you can modify the burpee itself to a version that you can do, or you can substitute in another movement like a push up.

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