Need more time in your day?

Need more time in your day?

I’m too busy; I haven’t got time; I have too much to do……..

We hear it all the time.  We use it all the time.  We are all busy.  But we also ALL have 1440 minutes available to us each day.  There are a lot of strategies out there to help you be productive with your 1440 minutes and get the most out of your day, not only for your family, your work colleagues, your friends, but most importantly, for yourself.  I recently listened to a podcast about how to make the most of your day and achieve the things that really matter to you.  I didn’t implement all of the strategies but it made me re-prioritse things in my life so that I am more productive, not just with my work but also to do the things that really matter to me.

You can continue to tread water and keep complaining, or you can have a listen to this podcast which may just inspire you to make some changes in your life or lead you down a more positive avenue.  Some of the strategies presented in the podcast may appeal to you.  Some may not, but at least you can start thinking about how you can live better. Check it out.  (It’s also available on ITunes and YouTube).

It goes for nearly an hour (that’s 60 of your 1440 minutes), so why don’t you listen to it while you are driving, or doing the ironing, or working out.

Strict toes to bar are a really good way to build core strength and learn how to engage the back and shoulders.



A. 12 min EMOM             

1. 10 Squat Jumps                      

2. 15 Push-ups                   

3. 7 Strict Toes to Bar    

***Rotate between the stations each minute  

B. 3 rounds for time of:       

400m Run                         

50 Double Unders             

200m Row                        

30 Sit-ups                       

1 Rope Climb

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