Father and son – Nick and Brandon have been regularly training together

Last month we hit one of the classic CrossFit workouts – Fight Gone Bad.  It’s a workout that is comprised of fairly simple movements and the weights aren’t too heavy.  Where the spice comes from is your ability to just keep moving when all you want to do is stop. This workout was designed with maximum effort in mind, and really, it is the strength in between your ears that will dictate how you go.  So if you did this last month, try to better your results.  It may mean doing just one extra rep on each movement, or going hard on the movements you are good at, and pacing yourself on the ones that are a bit more challenging.  And when the muscles start to burn, just keep telling yourself to keep going.  The body will follow the mind.

(If you are not routinely recording your results in Wodify, you should be – how else do you know if you are getting better?)



“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds for max reps:           

1min Wallballs                   

1min  SDHO 35/25kg                       

1min Box Jumps 20″          

1min Push Press 35/25kg        

1min cal Row

1min Rest


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