Whilst the focus of CrossFit GEO is on physical training, right from the very outset we have distinguished ourselves from other gyms by taking a very holistic approach to personal growth.  We want you to be fitter, but we also want you to grow as a human being through experiences, connections and adventures that take you away from your comfort zones.

Through various activities in the gym, we want you to bond with each other, and through activities outside of the gym, we want you to connect with the world around you.

Two years ago we ventured to Nepal to trek the Annapurna region and to also provide much needed money and clothes to a group of orphans, many of whom lost their families in the earthquakes that occurred a short while before.  It was a great trip and one that will live on in the hearts of those who attended.

In August this year, a group of 17 of us from GEO will be heading over to Tanzania, Africa for the trip of a lifetime.  Not only will we be undertaking the physical challenge of summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, we will also be doing some much needed community work with locals to help improve their lives.  We will be spending time at Kili Kids, an orphanage that provides a home for 30 kids.  It is located on a property called “Rainbow Ridge”, not far from Mt Kilimanjaro.  Rainbow Ridge has been set up as a demonstration site to teach the locals how to farm in a sustainable manner that promotes the growth of fruit and vegetables and also works synergistically with nature and the available conditions.

CrossFit GEO, under the banner of “Friends of the World”, a grassroots charity that Johanna and I have started, will be working with “Communities Assist” to build a playground for the orphans at Kili Kids.  We will also be lending our hands to attend to repairs that need to be done to the village and help out with the sustainable farm that the locals have created. It is going to be an awesome opportunity to give to people who live a life very different from our own.

It is my hope that you all get behind us to raise money for this very worthy cause.  Please know that we are not using any of these funds to supplement the cost of the trip.  Everyone who is coming is paying for it themselves.  Every dollar we raise through fundraising will be directed towards the Kili Kids Fund and will be used for the playground, repairs or farming .

The first of our fundraisers will be next week’s “Battle of the Ages” comp.  $10 from the $20 entry fee will go towards our Kili Kids Fund. Between now and August we will run other fundraisers that will not only give you an opportunity to give, but also provide you with an experience to grow.  Please support us.

If you have not yet RSVP’d for the “Battle of the Ages” please do so quickly.  Registration will close this coming Monday. It is going to be a fun night of friendly rivalry and sledging.

The proposed Playground we intend to build for the kids





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