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As many of us guessed, 17.5 has delivered Thrusters and Double Unders to us for the final workout of The Open.  It is a beautifully simple WOD – 10 rounds of 9 Thrusters & 35 Double Unders, but do not be fooled by this.  Though the weights are light, the combination of the two means the heart rate will be up as you grind your way through 10 rounds.

The good news is there is a 40 minute time cap, so depending on how far you want to take yourself into “that dark place”, you can choose the tempo that you work at in order to get over the finish line.

My advice is do not go out hard on the Thrusters, especially if Double Unders are your nemesis.  The Thrusters are easy (what I mean is, everyone can do them), but the Double Unders require coordination, balance, a whole heap of body awareness and speed,and this is where some people come undone.  If you have trouble with Double Unders, you want to come to these as calm and composed as possible.  As you may have seen during the Open announcement, a trip up in the Double Unders can result in a big loss of time.

If you can knock out 20 Double Unders, even with Singles mixed in between, and the Thruster weight is not too heavy for you, then have a crack at the RX’d version. If you struggle with your Double Unders (it takes you more than a minute to knock out 10 reps), then I would suggest doing the Scaled option of Single Unders, that way you are still getting a good workout and not spending all of your time getting frustrated.

Tomorrow’s 17.5 workout will kick off at 7.30am and we will continue until we get through everyone.  Don’t forget, the Coaches will be going head to head at around 8.30am so come in and cheer us on.

17.5 Open WOD

10 rounds for time of:

9 Thrusters 43/29kg

35 Double Unders

***Scaled options 

16-54 Scaled 29/20 and Single Unders

55+ 29/20kg and Double Unders

55+ Scaled 20/15kg and Single Unders


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