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It’s really easy to let the volume of reps (55) get into your head and psyche you out.  Here’s some tips to help you get through:

Firstly, choose the option that will allow you to get 55 reps of the deadlift done.  If the weight is too heavy for you and the only way you can do it is to use poor form, then please please please do the scaled option.  And if that weight is too heavy, then go lighter still.  There is no shame in scaling, even if it means scaling beyond the official option.  Your safety is paramount.  Do not let your ego put you at risk of injury.

Secondly, depending on how heavy the deadlift weight is for you, go in with a plan to get through the reps.  Try 10 first up, then 5’s.  Or start with a 5 and do singles after that.  Last year I did 10 reps unbroken then did the remaining reps as singles, dropping the weight at the top of each movement in a systematic manner.  Whatever the plan is, stick with it and be conscious of how long you are resting between reps.

Use the same approach for your wallballs.  55 isn’t that big a number when it comes to these.  Knock out a big set first then break them up afterwards to work your way through e.g. 15, then 5’s, or 20, 10, 10, 10, 5.

The Row should be constant.  Keep moving.  Don’t stop, even if that means moving slower. Drive with the legs, lean back and pull with the arms to maximise the distance of each stroke.  Just keep moving.

If you are doing handstand push-ups, take your time and do not come down from the top position until you have been given confirmation of a good rep from your judge.  Ask them to let you know when your heels have passed the mark.  Too many people are going too fast and coming down without reaching the required mark and they have just wasted precious energy on a “no rep”. Everyone of those HSPU’s counts – don’t waste them

If you are doing the hand release push-ups, again, take your time and make sure you engage your midline (tighten your abs, quads and butt) so that your whole body moves as one piece off the floor – knees move off the ground at the same time as your chest. Worming, snaking or whatever you want to call it is not allowed – it is a “no-rep”.  As per the deadlifts, if you cannot perform a push-up from your toes without worming, then scale further and do them off your knees.  You will get a better workout.

For those of you who are registered for the OPEN, in order to submit a score, you must do one of the official options listed below. But if you need to scale further, feel free.  At the end of the day it is about doing a workout to the best of your ability and in a safe manner.  I don’t think anyone from GEO will be going to Regionals this year so if you can’t submit a score, who cares.  Just kick arse in whatever version of the workout it is that you do.

4 down, 1 to go.

Workout 17.4

13 min AMRAP

55 Deadlifts

55 Wallballs

55 cal Row

55 Handstand Push-ups

Here are the different options available depending on whether you are scaling or not:

RXDeadlifts 102/70kg; Wallballs 9kg (black ball) above black line and 6kg (blue ball) to the black line; HSPU

ScaledDeadlifts 61/43; Wallballs 9kg (black ball) to black line and 4kg (green ball) to black line; HandRelease Push-ups

55+ RX – Deadlifts 83/56; Wallballs 9kg (black ball) to black line and 4 kg (green ball) to black line; Push Press 43/29kg

55+ Scaled  – Deadlifts 61/43kg; Wallballs 6 kg (blue ball) to black line and 4kg (green ball) to black line; Push Press 29/20kg

****For those who need to scale further than the above options, that is perfectly fine.  All it means is that you won’t be able to submit a score to the Open if you are officially registered.  You will still get a kick arse workout though, which at the end of the day is what really counts.

Please take the time to watch this video and familiarise yourself with the different standards that will be required.


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