17.3 will be announced today around midday. More dumbbells?

Start with the basics – the simple skills and build upon them.  Learn how to do hollow to arch swings well and with consistency.  Keep practicing, and slowly add more to the movement – a bigger swing, greater back engagement, more aggressive hips.  Keep working these skills and one day you will get your first pull-up or first toes to bar.  But never stop working the basics.  Use them as a warm-up so that they are always dialled in.

Around midday today 17.3 will be announced to the CrossFit world.  There have been strong rumours that Dave Castro (Games Director) will continue the dumbbells theme.  Hmmmm….if he does, I’m thinking dumbbell thrusters. But they could also be dumbbell push press, or clean and jerk, or deadlifts.  We will find out soon enough.  Whatever the movement/s are, don’t be put off by them.  They are just one movement in a WOD for you to have a crack at, just as they would be in any WOD at GEO.

I say this every week and I will say it again – if you see a movement that you cannot do, or a weight you cannot lift, do not let this discourage you from coming in to do the WOD.  We will scale/modify the WOD for you to whatever we need to, to have you participate.  The same applies to those of you who are injured.  Last week we had Adam and Sam, both with injured feet, come in and do their own version of 17.2.  And there were many who scaled further than the “official Games Scaling” so that they could do the WOD.

It’s all about participation and getting in there to have a go.  This week, as in previous weeks we will 17.3 on Saturday morning from 7.30am and then again during all of the regular sessions on Monday.  Please do your best to get in on time, if not earlier, so that you are ready to rock ‘n’ roll once the session starts.  That means having your wrist wraps ready, hands taped, water bottles filled, and and specific niggles you have rolled out or attended to. We will likely run 17.3 in heats as per last week.  The WOD will determine how many people we have in each heat and it will be up to you to write your name on the whiteboard to secure a spot in each heat.

You will have a judge and we ask that you return the favour not only to offer support and encouragement, but also to keep a record of your partner’s reps/times and ensure they are adhering to the required standard.

In 2015 we had a “Sea of Red” theme for one of the Open workouts.  Let’s do the same this week.  If you have a read shirt, red hat, red shorts, red budgie smugglers (yes, one of the guys did this), throw them o this Saturday and represent!



5RM Bench Press (see if you go a little heavier than what you did last week)


Build up to 75% of your 1RM for a Push Jerk.

15 min EMOM             

1. 5 Push Jerk @ 75%      

2. 10 Pistols                    

3. 15/10 cals Row

***Alternate movements each minute on the minute – in the 1st minute perform 5 Push Jerks, in the 2nd minute perform 10 Pistols, in the 3rd minute row, and so on……


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