Lucy has kicked off 2017 on the right foot with  a renewed enthusiasm to get in and train.

Lucy has kicked off 2017 on the right foot with a renewed enthusiasm to get in and train.

What will Dave Castro gift us today for 17.2?  Find out at midday when the WOD is announced live on the CrossFit Games site 


We will run 17.2 from 7.30am and during the regular 8am session on Saturday, and then again during all of the regular sessions on Monday.  

Could I please ask anyone who is coming in for these sessions to start doing your own warm-up as soon as you get in and then be ready to follow the Coaches directions once the actual session starts.  We need to get the session started on time so that we can go through the standards of the workout, and coach you through the movements.

To truly experience the Open in it’s purest sense, we will be partnering everyone up so that you can judge and be judged.  There is tremendous value to be gained by doing both.  As a Judge you get to support and encourage your partner, and also keep them on track with their movements and standards so that they are maximising the benefit of the workout.  On the flipside, having a judge keeps you accountable and also motivated to keep moving when you would otherwise stop or give up.  This sharing of experience creates a really cool connection between people.



2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk


For time:

400m Run Buy -in



Calorie Row

Squat Jumps

Double Unders


400m Run Buy out


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