WOD – Thursday 2 March 2017


“Flood Gates” smashing out some strict pull-ups

Today we are going to work on balance, coordination and stability in your movement.  The Bear Crawl test is a simple little exercise build body awareness and in turn, coordination.

The 2nd WOD, whilst “not for time” can still be dialled up to get the juices flowing but the focus is on moving well. The last WOD will test out your core strength and stability with a sweet little 3 min piece.


3 sets of:               

20m good quality Bear Crawl with tennis ball on lumbar curve                   


A. 3 sets not for time of:             

100m Sled Drag (as heavy as possible with minimal stopping)

20 Sit-ups holding dumbbell with arms locked out and vertical throughout  20/15kg                          

B. 3 min Plank


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