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Sometime later tomorrow the good people at CrossFit Games HQ will release the first workout of the 2017 season. There will be a lot of suspense and drama surrounding the announcement because for many CrossFitters around the world, they are like little kids waiting for Santa (in this case, Dave Castro) to deliver their present (a WOD).  The anticipation and excitement surrounding the announcement is just too much to bear, and when the WOD is dropped, people will go crazy with manic joy, or will shake their heads with dread.

As has been done in previous years, some of the elite in our sport will go head to head in the workout as soon as it is announced, and we as fans will watch with baited breath or yell at the computer screen “pick up the bar!”and then analyse the hell out of their performances to formulate a strategy for ourselves.

That is one such scenario.  The other is that you really couldn’t care less about it and that you are just keen to come into the Box and do whatever the programmed WOD is……which is perfectly fine.  You are not abnormal or weird if you do not get excited about the Games.  We have diverse motivations for why we do CrossFit and are inspired by different things.

As I have mentioned many times before, we will be programming the “Open” WOD as our workout for the 8am session on Saturday morning and also for every session on Monday.  The “Open” competition runs for 5 weeks and this will be the pattern with a new workout announced each week.

Many of you have registered to be an official participant of the competition – you have paid your US$20, you have a profile on the CrossFit Games site, you will enter your results and you will be ranked against the other few hundred thousand people around the world who are taking part also.  For some of you, this is a serious opportunity for you to measure yourself against your peers (inside and outside of the gym) and to also measure you against you (every year they redo a WOD that was done in previous years).

This will now be my 7th year of taking part in the CrossFit Games Open.  Over the years my motivation has changed.  In my first year I had only been CrossFitting for 3 months and I had a lot to learn so it was just all about the experience.  The camaraderie, support and encouragement was phenomenal.  I pushed myself hard and was so proud of what I had achieved.  In following years, with more training under my belt, I got really serious about the competition and wanted to make my mark.  I did the workouts multiple times, each time trying to improve on my last score.  I spent hours on end watching the leaderboard and keeping track of where my friends were placing.  I was obsessed.  But when it was all said and done, the thing that stood out most from the experience was the community – how it brought everyone together, how it created a really positive vibe in the air that was infectious, how that vibe allowed people to rise to the occasion, and how everyone who was present could appreciate the effort that someone had just put in regardless of the final result.  That is what is so cool about the CrossFit Games Open.

This year I am taking a more casual approach to the the Open. I am registered and I will do my best but I am not looking to make the top 200 in my Masters category nor will I be obsessed about my ranking on the leaderboard.  I just want to be a part of this five week festival of fitness and watch everyone else be their best.

No matter where you are on the CrossFit ladder of experience or proficiency, I encourage you to come in on Saturday (traditionally our biggest day) or Monday and get involved.  Be a part of this special time of year. It doesn’t matter if you are registered or not, you can still take part in the workout. Lend your support to those who are doing the workout and everyone will do the same to you.  You will be amazed at what someone standing by you and supporting you can do to your performance.  Don’t let pride, insecurity, or fear hold you back.  It really is a chance to grow as a human and also connect with others on a level we rarely get to experience these days.

Just like a regular WOD, if there is something you cannot do, we’ll work around it by scaling or modifying the movement.  There really is no excuse.

Just to be clear, regardless of if you are registered or not, we will be running the workouts as if you were registered.  What that means is that each person will be allocated a Judge to keep track of your reps and to also keep you accountable to standards of the movement.  If for whatever reason you cannot, for instance, squat to full depth, then let the Coaches and your Judge know and that will be taken into account.  For those who are registered, we will be very strict with your standards and you will be “No Repped” if you do not meet them. This is not done to be mean but merely to maintain integrity in the competition. Please do not get upset with your Judge, they are just doing their job.  Acknowledge the “no rep” by doing a good rep – it’s that simple.

So tomorrow we will find out what the first WOD is.  It may or may not fall into your wheelhouse, but that’s the great thing about CrossFit.  Whatever the challenge, just get in there and have a go.  If you are free to come in on Saturday morning, please do so.  I will be up in the Mountains for the weekend but I will be coming back for the WOD on Saturday morning.  I hope to see you there.





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