Why do we program the way we do?


Over the course of the 6 years that we have been coaching people at GEO, our programming has evolved and matured, just as our Coaches have.

There was a time when programming was all about the MetCon – how can we devise the most brutal workout that will test the mental fortitude and physical grit of our members?  It was not uncommon to visit many Boxes worldwide and only ever do MetCons day after day after day.  Members loved it because they equated being “smashed” with getting results.  Falling to the floor in a heaving sweaty heap at the end of every workout was a badge of honour.  How could this not be something good?

What was once thought to be the “duck’s guts” of programming gave way to research and anecdotal evidence which showed that perhaps things should be done a bit differently in order to get the best result for our members i.e. we were no longer just going to hit random MetCons day after day.  And what was once frowned upon in CrossFit circles was now going to be incorporated into our programming to build a more balanced individual i.e. more strict strength work like Bench press, Arm curls, Bent-over barbell rows and Skill work to promote safety and efficiency.

Our programming has changed over the years to reflect a change in attitude over what works and what doesn’t for both the general fitness enthusiast and the more advanced athlete.  Possibly the biggest change we have made is that our programming is much more considered now to ensure that our members are hitting a balanced training regime.  CrossFit used to be all about “intensity” – moving loads fast to get your heart rate up, to get you sweating and to get you out of breath.  Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t just that, but no-one can deny that that type of workout is what separated us from other styles of training.  The MetCon still holds a very important place in our programming but what we are doing now at GEO is programming for the person who wants to be balanced across all of the modalities of fitness.

That is why over the course of a single week we will have days that focus, not exclusively, but mostly, on one of the following:


Oly Lifting


Accessory and Skill work


Team work

We know that for some of you, a workout means you need to sweat and be out of breath and to be panting and laid out on the floor at the end of it.  That is why we have some sort of MetCon at the end of most sessions.  But we as Coaches acknowledge the need to sometimes slow things down and get you to work on good technique and strict movements for your own good.  The body cannot hit a workout at 100% everyday.  Something is going to break and then you will have to take time off to recover.  Those days where we work on skill and isolated strength are there to ensure you move well, safely and to develop the muscles and central nervous system in a way that can then cope with the intensity of a MetCon……or any other challenge you may face on any given day.

So when you come in for a session that says “not for time”, don’t get annoyed or upset because you think you are not doing anything beneficial for your fitness.  Quite the contrary.  I dare you to acknowledge the intent of the workout and then try to carry it out with a focus on moving well and deliberately for every single rep.  Do this and you will realise that it is actually hard work to move well in a consistent manner. Perform a movement without the ego getting in the way and you will find that your body will thank you for it.  And when it comes time to move fast, hopefully your central nervous system can communicate with your body better, and your musculature is more balanced and working as it should to ensure you flow in a much more efficient manner.

GEO is trying to build a balanced athlete and that is why we program the way we do.




A. 3 x 3 Squat Clean @ 75%                                 

B. Split Jerk 5 x 1                                     


“OPEN 11.3”                            

5 min AMRAP                       

Squat Clean and Jerk 75/50kg





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