Get those glutes firing and the core strengthened!


Today we will be dialling back the intensity a touch.  The workouts below should be performed with a focus on good form and not speed.



A. Build up to 50% of Back squat, then:            

3 rounds, not for time, of superset:                                       

10 Back squats @50%    

10 Squat jumps 20/15kg         

B. Work in pairs, not for time, to perform 3 sets each of:

10 Lying back extensions

*** Lay on the floor on your stomach.  Using bodyweight or empty bar only, extend the torso up, keeping hips and legs on the floor. Partners will take turns anchoring feet.                                        

C. 3 rounds, not for time, of:                     

10 Strict hanging straight leg raises                          

25 Push-ups    


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