The CrossFit Open starts in a couple of weeks…..the 23 February to be exact. Whilst most of you are familiar with The Open, there are still some members of our community, new to CrossFit, who do not understand what it is.

The Open is a 5 week competition that happens every year around February/March.   It signals the start of the official CrossFit Games season and serves 2 purposes – firstly it provides a forum for every single member of the wider CrossFit community, regardless of experience or fitness level, to take part in a competition together; and secondly, it is acts as the first qualifying stage for those who wish to progress to the next level of competition – The Regionals and then, The Games. 

GEO has been taking part in it since we opened in 2011.  It’s has always been a great way to bring the community together; to encourage and support each other, and to test ourselves.  You do not need to be an elite athlete to take part. There is an option for you to do a scaled version of each workout if there is something you cannot do.  The great thing about the Open is that many people will actually achieve movements that have eluded them beforehand – people rise to the occasion.

By registering to take part in the competition, you will be able to enter your scores into the leaderboard and be an official participant of a truly international competition. The cost is $US20.  Hit the link below to register and be sure to choose CrossFit GEO as your affiliate.

One workout will be released each week over 5 weeks.  We will do the programmed workout during the 8am session on Saturday and then during each of the regular sessions on Monday.  It will run like this:

WOD 17.1 – Saturday 25 February & Monday 27 February

WOD 17.2 – Saturday 4 March & Monday 6 March

WOD 17.3 – Saturday 11 March & Monday 13 March

WOD 17.4 – Saturday 18 March & Monday 20 March

WOD 17.5 – Saturday 25 March & Monday 27 March

Get involved guys.  You will not regret it.



3 x 5 Back Squats @ 70%                                 


“Open WOD 12.5”                           

7 min AMRAP                                     

3 Thrusters 45/30kg             

3 C2B                              

6 Thrusters 45/30               

6 C2B                              

9 Thrusters                        

9 C2B and so on……..


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