Ring work & Accessory Exercises


Today we will spend some time working on the basics of becoming proficient on the rings.  The movements are not complex but they will challenge your stability, balance and strength on different positions on the rings.  If you want to improve your Ring dips and eventually get a muscle up, this session will help.



3 rounds not for time of Ring work:                                           

30 sec Ring support hold top                             

30 sec Ring support hold bottom                            

10 Ring support hold top with Swings                  

10 Ring support hold bottom with Swings                                

5 Ring Hollow to Arch Swings                                                   


3 sets not for time of:           

5 Bentover Barbell Row        

Max Push-ups                 

***Record Barbell Row            

C. 400m Run with plate carry 20/15kg


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