WOD – Tuesday 31 January 2017


With the CrossFit Games Open coming up in a few weeks you will have noticed a slight change in our programming to include actual past Open WODs plus our own Open’esque WODs.  We have done this to get you into the right frame of mind and also to give you an opportunity to get used to the physical demands of these workouts and obtain a greater body awareness of how hard to push yourself without hitting the wall.  For the last few years the Open has always featured a WOD from previous years so there is every chance that you may be doing one of the 2017 WODs now.  Give it a good crack and make sure you record your results.  If you are not into the whole competitiveness of The Open, just treat these WODs as a regular WOD where yo will work at the pace that is right for you.



A. Clean and Jerk tech     


“OPEN WOD 15.1”

part a.

9 min AMRAP                   

15 T2B                             

10 Deadlifts 50/35kg       

5 Snatches 50/35kg          

then straight into             

part b.

6 min AMRAP                 

1RM Clean & Jerk             

***Record as two separate WODs


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