Have you registered for the Open?

The CrossFit Games Open starts on 23 February.  This is a chance for you guys to get involved in an international competition where the mere act of participation is a big accomplishment and provides a forum for us to get the GEO community together en masse and cheer each other on, share the highs of our efforts, give a knowing nod for the challenge taken on, and really, to test ourselves against ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if you are “hardcore”and are looking to compete against the best or if you are in it just for fun, it really is a great experience and I encourage you all to get involved.

This years, as per years past, the Open will run over the course of 5 weeks with one WOD being released each week (normally on a Friday afternoon for us in Oz).  We will program the Open WOD for the regular session on Saturday morning from 8am, and it will be programmed again for all of the regular sessions on Monday.  This way you have an opportunity to do it twice (if you want) or you have two choices of day on which you can do it.

To register, follow the link below and be sure to choose CrossFit Geo as your affiliate.


Here’s a video from last year which explains what the Open is.



A. Front Squat 5 x 5        

B. Push Press 4 x 3          


10 min AMRAP              

30 Double Unders             

15 Power Snatch 35/25kg


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