Happy new year guys!  I hope you have all been enjoying this time of year and getting in some well earned R & R.  If Facebook is anything to go by, everyone has been having a ball.

The good and bad thing about social media is that you get a glimpse into other peoples lives.  For many of you, 2016 was a cool year and much was achieved – new jobs, new friends, travel, partying, connections made, personal development achieved, fitness goals attained, enlightenment…….and the list goes on.

But amongst the positive vibes and happy days, there were many who would rather forget 2016 and close the door on it. Some of you lost someone close to you, or you felt you were in a rut with your job, or maybe things just weren’t going your way.

Obstacles and challenges are a part of life.  Sometimes it feels like the waves won’t stop crashing down on you and the wind won’t let up as you navigate your way across the ocean of life, but you know what,  blue skies and calm waters will reveal themselves soon enough.  You just have to hang on and grind your way through it or change your course.  You are in the skipper’s seat and you can decide what to do.  One way may seem easier but will it get you what you desire?  Take the necessary course of action.

So as you set sail into 2017, make sure you are prepared.  Have a think about what you want to achieve this year.  Write it down somewhere where you will constantly be reminded of it (write it on your mirror, put it on the fridge, make it the wallpaper on your phone/computer).  Hold yourself accountable by letting others close to you know.  If you keep it to yourself, it is too easy to get lazy and fall off the wagon. Map out a plan of how you intend to achieve these goals.  I’m not just talking about fitness goals.  I’m referring to anything that is important enough for you to work hard to get – a new job, a long overdue holiday, a partner, a house………whatever.

When Johanna and I first started going out (20-something  years ago) we decided we wanted to go on our first overseas trip to Europe together.  We sat down and worked out a very strict budget to stick to over 6 months.  We literally budgeted ourselves $60 spending money a fortnight each  (over and above weekly living expenses like rent, food, and bills etc) and everything else we earned went into an account for the trip.  When I think back now I don’t know how we did it, but we did.  It probably helped that we weren’t big drinkers and we didn’t smoke.  Neither of us were earning that much back then but we stuck to the plan we went on our 8 week European vacation.

If you want something bad enough, you will do what is required.

At GEO we want you all to achieve your goals whether they are fitness related or otherwise.  If any of the Coaches can be of any assistance, please come and see us.  We will do what we can.  We have a pretty cool community of diverse individuals too, so if we can’t help, maybe there is someone else in the Box who can.

Let’s all support each other to make 2017 a really positive year filled with personal GROWTH, EXPLORATION of our own potential and the world around us, and lets encourage, motivate and inspire each other to OVERCOME any challenges set before us.

2017 – bring it on!

See you soon.




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