WOD – Friday 23 December 2016

An inspiring effort from everyone yesterday who took on the 30 cals on the Assault Bike for time.  Hannah got the fastest girls time with 43 secs and Kaino got the quickest lads time with 17 secs, followed very closely by Kym with 18 secs.  Well done!



The intention of today’s WOD is to move through each round consistently, at a pace that will get you similar times across all 6 sets.  Do not go out hard unless you can back it up another 5 times.  Treat todays workout as an opportunity to gain some awareness on how hard you can push without hitting a wall. Record your time for each round.  Rest 1 min between each round.  

6 sets of:                          

6 Strict HSPU                 

9 C2B                                 

12 Hang Cleans 60/40kg                         

15 cal Row                        

****Scale as needed – if you an’t do strict HSPU’s  try Kipping HSPU, HSPU from Box, Kick ups, or Push-ups.  If you cannot do C2B’s, try Pull-ups or Ring Rows.         


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