WOD – Thursday 22 December 2016

Over the coming month you can expect to hit the Assault Bike for time a number of times, with the calories steadily increasing over that period. For those who do not fully understand the beauty of the Assault Bike, in simple terms, the harder and faster you go, the quicker you will accumulate calories.  Sounds logical but what you need to know is that your reward for going into your pain cave is an exponential accumulation of calories.  If you are willing to push really hard, and continue to do so long after your suffering starts, then you can get through 50 cals in under a minute, just as Kaino did recently.  Alternatively you can go at a steady, comfortable pace and the same 50 cals will take 3 minutes or more.  This exercise will truly test your mental fortitude.  Just know that you can always push harder for longer than what you think you can.  Your body will follow your mind.  



Assault Bike 30 cals for time                            


A. 3 sets of:                                    

20 Overhead Double KB Lunges

***Rest as needed between sets.  The goal is to go as heavy as possible and try to do 20 reps unbroken.

B. Bentover Barbell Rows 5-5-5-5-5

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