The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes


Over the last year I have submerged myself in podcasts so that I might learn from experts in different fields and try to implement their philosophies not only in my own life, but also into that of others I coach and have relationships with.

One of the most insightful and helpful podcasts I have listened to is from Michael Cazayoux of Brute Strength Training who interviewed Justin Sua, the Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red Sox Baseball Team.

Justin works with elite sportspeople, and also the military, business men and women, children, parents and many others.  He teaches them how to have a positive mindset and direct that towards achieving goals.

There are so many knowledge bombs in this podcast that I have listened to it about 4 times now and it doesn’t get old.  All of what is talked about can be transferred to what you do not only in your training, but also to how you lead your life at work and at home.  I strongly encourage you all to take an hour out and listen to this podcast.  Throw in some ear phones while you are driving, or mowing the lawns, or going for a walk.  You won’t regret it.  Here’s the link:

One of the more interesting subjects Justin talks about is the differences between a person with a “Growth Mindset” v’s a person with a “Fixed Mindset”.  As a Coach, I observe these traits on a daily basis and it is very interesting to watch people respond to situations differently.

I have always maintained that the biggest change a person will make once they start training at GEO are not the physical changes, but the mental ones.  This is often overlooked, but I believe the mental toughness, tenacity and grit that you get from doing “WODs” can very easily be replicated in how you handle challenges outside of the gym.  Being aware of how you think when met by a certain situation can go a long way towards you making positive changes to your mindset and in turn, be a more happy, inspired, and driven person.

In the podcast, Justin talks about a book called “Mindset” by Carol Dweck in which she writes about the Growth mindset and the Fixed mindset.  Justin does a very good job at explaining it simply and it really struck a chord with me.  Here is what he said:

There is difference between the best and the rest.

You are either a Growth mindset or you are a Fixed mindset.

There are 5 characteristics that separate the two.

Number 1 is FAILURE. The Growth mindset learn from failure.  The Fixed mindset is destroyed by it.  They are emotionally disabled by it because failure is not an event – it defines who they are.

Number 2 is OBSTACLES.  The Growth mindset person is going to embrace obstacles. They want the hard thing because it is going to make them better.  The Fixed Mindset avoids obstacles.  They don’t want to do the hard things because they might fail.  So they want to keep things easy; keep the expectation bar very low.

Number 3 is EFFORT LEVEL.  The Growth mindset person focuses on their effort. They know that if they give their best everyday, their best is gradually going to get better.  In addition to that, they have no excuses.  They don’t care about the circumstances, if they are sore that day, if they are losing by a lot or winning by a lot, they still give their best.  With the Fixed Mindset person, when things aren’t going their way, or they don’t feel good, their effort level drops.

Number 4 is FEEDBACK.  The Growth mindset person embraces feedback.  They embrace coaching because they know it is going to make them better.  They know that their Coaches job is not to make them feel better but to make them be better.  The Fixed mindset takes offence when they get critical feedback.  It’s a hit to their ego.

Number 5 is the SUCCESS OF OTHERS.  When a Growth mindset person sees another person succeed, thrive and break records – it inspires them.  It drives them.  It lights their fire.  They see that and say, “ok, now watch me.  I’m going to do it too”.  A Fixed mindset person, when they see someone else succeed, they feel jealous. They feel threatened, and they start talking bad behind that persons back saying, “oh, they got lucky”, or “it’s their genetics” etc etc.

We all have aspects of each of the mindsets, some more Growth, and some more Fixed.  Which one are you?  Make a note of your thoughts when you are behind the 8-ball.  When things aren’t going your way.  Are you inspired by the success of others or jealous?  Do you accept constructive criticism of do you get annoyed by it?

You can change your mindset.  How? By being aware of your thoughts.

Happy listening.




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