Why are we doing Strongman-style training and other accessory exercises?

Thursdays are the days we will hit Strongman style training and also work on some other skills that we will refer to as Accessory exercises. The reason we are doing this is to expose your mind and body to as many different stimuli as possible to promote growth and improvements across all aspects of your fitness.  These movements/skills will also transfer over to the more traditional CrossFit movements we do and put you in a better position to perform them proficiently.

Today we will hit some Hangs from the Rig, Back Rack Barbell holds, and Farmers Carries.

The ability to hang for long periods of time is something that will improve your grip strength, muscular endurance through the forearms, and promote mobility through the shoulders.  It will also teach you to control your body in space and provide a great way to lengthen through the spine, which is ideal when you have been in a seated position all day.  Being able to hang for longer periods will transfer over to other movements we do such as your barbell movements (you will be able to hang onto the bar for longer) and gymnastics movements which require grip and pulling motions.

The heavy barbell holds in the back rack position will encourage you to put your body into a strong and stable position by engaging the core, ensuring a firm foundation through the legs, and keeping the chest and back activated.  You will also be forced to use your breath to maintain strength.  Being able to put your body into the strongest most stable position possible to support a heavy weight is another great way to build strength and also see what you are made of mentally.

The Farmers Carries are a favourite of Strongman training for their functionality and transference over to real life.  Who hasn’t come home with a car boot full of groceries, and in a bid to do just one trip to the kitchen, loaded 10 bags in each hand to save yourself having to walk back outside again……..unless you are an amateur and you forget to close the boot in which case you have to walk back outside again.

Enjoy Strongman Thursday!




Accumulate 3-5 min Hang from the rig

****every time you drop, perform 5 burpees.                         


3 rounds not for time of:                                     

1 min back rack Barbell hold (as heavy as possible)                                   

40m Farmers Carry (as heavy as possible)


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