Rope climbs and handstand push-ups can be scaled right back

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Last week I wrote a short piece about focussing on what you need to do to make improvements in your own fitness.  Worry about what you need to do to be better and not what those around you are doing.  Some days there will be workouts programmed which will include movements that you can’t do…….yet. These are the days you want to come in.  These are the days when you scale or modify a movement so that you can establish a foundation to build upon.  

Today we have rope climbs and handstand push-ups.  These are two technical movements.  A couple of months ago we spent a lot of time doing rope climbs and many people who could not climb a rope learnt how to.  If you cannot climb a rope or do a handstand push-up, then lets work on the basics.

Instead of doing a full rope climb, you might only go halfway, or you may just hold yourself off the ground for 10 secs to build grip strength, or maybe you can lay on the ground and pull yourself up to a standing position.  Each of these options will contribute towards your eventual conquering of the movement.

Instead of doing a full handstand push-up, you can scale by putting ab mats under your head, or you can do them with your feet on a box so that you are not totally inverted, or you can even do seated dumbbell press or bear crawls to build strength through the shoulders.

Wherever you are at with your ability and confidence, we can strip things back for you so that you are still participating, learning and growing.

– AB



A. Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3                                                 

B. 3 Push Press + 2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk                                    


15 min AMRAP                

3 Rope Climbs                   

200m Run                          

9 HSPU                                   

200m Run


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