Put the ego aside and take that first step

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There is a perception out there that CrossFit is hard. That you have to be fit to do CrossFit. I always find it funny when I speak to people and they say, yeah, I’m going to come and train with you, but I’m going to get fit first. That’s the “ego” talking. People don’t want be the person that finishes last, or be the person that can’t keep up, or be the person that lifts the least. So they feel like they have to go and train elsewhere to build their cardio and strength before they step into a CrossFit gym, thinking that is what is best. Or, even worse, they never get started.

CrossFit is a personal journey. We scale everything we do to suit the person who is training. True growth comes from focussing on what you are doing and not on what everyone else is doing. Growth comes from putting the ego aside, working on your weaknesses and taking small steps to improve all aspects of your own fitness. If you need to go lighter, go lighter. If you need to go slower, go slower. Yes, we train together as a group and that aspect does provide a competitiveness that can motivate you to dig deep and push hard – to do things you didn’t think possible, but it’s not about who came first and who came last. Training in a group of like minded people is inspiring, and the support and encouragement of those around you will drive you.

As a Coach I am most impressed by the person who finishes last but put everything into their effort and did their best, because I know that person is someone who respects the process and will see constant improvement. They don’t care that they had to lift a lighter weight because they know that with patience they will eventually be able to lift the heavier weights and move faster.

If you are at all curious about CrossFit, or have wanted to try it but were too scared, please get in touch with me. We offer a safe environment for you to start your journey. Every person featured in the attached photos felt the same way as you but they took that first scary step.

Call me on 0488 588 252 or message me.

– Coach Adam



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