WOD – Friday 4 November 2016



Hey guys,

Don’t forget tonight we are running our friendly in-house Oly Lifting Comp – The GEO Barbell Open.  Come in at 6.15pm to warm-up and go through technique, then around 6.40pm we’ll kick off proceedings.  The way it will work is that you will get 7 opportunities to lift either Snatch and/or the Clean & Jerk.  The Bar will start at 15kgs and go up 2.5kgs at a time.  So, for example, someone may use their first lift to do a 15kg Snatch.  If there is anyone else who wants to lift 15kgs, then they jump in here also, with their choice of lift – Snatch or Clean & Jerk.  2.5kgs will then be added to the bar and that first person may decide to do a 17.5kg Clean & Jerk.  So they have now lifted twice.  They will have five more opportunities to lift, either the Snatch or Clean & Jerk, or a combination of both, at the weight of their choosing.

Now I know some of you are going say, “Oh, but I can’t lift.”  Yes you can.  Every one of you can lift.  Yes, we are all at different levels, but that applies to everything we do.  Just come in and have a crack.  You are a better lifter than what you think you are.  If we need to scale the movement (Power Clean instead of Squat Clean) then we’ll do it.  We just want to get you guys in to have some fun with the bar.

This is a really good way to ease yourself into a competition without it really being that serious.  You will be amongst other GEO members only and there is every likelihood that with the support of everyone around you, you will hit a new PR.  But if you don’t, who cares.  It’s just about coming in and having a bit of fun and getting in amongst it.  This is an event that is open to members of all levels.  If you are new – come in.  If you are experienced – come in.

There is a cost of $10 to participate.  This will cover a prize for the best lifting male and the best lifting female.  Please note, the Coaches will be lifting but they will not be eligible for prizes.  Any remaining funds will go into the kitty for new equipment.  It’s a great way to spend a Friday night, and I do believe we have beers left over from our last Friday Night Lights session so we can have a drink afterwards.

Come and join us.  You can hit your club afterwards.  We’ll be done by 8 to 8.30.





Handstand technique:

* Kick up to HS               

**30 sec HS hold against wall                                  

*** HS kip                          


B. “Diane”                             


Deadlifts 100/70kg            



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