WOD – Saturday 29 October 2016


Today a small group of us will be setting off on a 2-day trek through the Blue Mountains.  We’ll be covering just over 20kms through some breathtaking landscapes, descending into a valley and then climbing back out.  This will be the first of many such treks which will build towards a planned weekend in 2017 comprised of camping, physical challenges, teamwork-style WODs, and mental fortitude to see what you are really made of.  For those who missed out on this one, stay tuned for the next.



In teams of 3, 30 min AMRAP:               

6 Rope Climbs                

30 Power Snatches 50/35kg                 

50 Sit-ups   

***Scale Rope climbs to “Pull from the floor to a standing position”  or “10 sec hold on the rope”


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