WOD – Tuesday 25 October 2016

Check out the Gun show - proudly brought to you by Dave.

Check out the Gun show – proudly brought to you by Dave.

Today we’ll spend some time working on your clean & jerk, with a focus on technique and then building up to a good quality, heavy single rep.  We spend a lot of time cleaning because not only is it an exercise in it’s own right but it is also a transition piece to other movements – e.g. clean a bar from the ground to front squat, or clean a bar to perform an overhead press.  Below is a really good video on a simple technique cue that can fix your jerk.  We want you to control your dip (or slow it down) so that you maintain contact with the bar the whole time, and then drive up explosively to get the bar moving up.  Check it out.

The Talon session tonight will be another “fun” team workout.  No skill required.  Come in and join us at 7.15pm.



20 mins of Clean & Jerk Practice and build up to a heavy single


12 min EMOM

1: 2 x Clean & Jerks @ 80% of 1RM

2: 10 Burpees


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