WOD – Thursday 6 October 2016

Daz lends a helping hand (or foot) to Roger

Daz lends a helping hand (or foot) to Roger

Hey guys, the weather is warming up. It’s a great time to be training, but we also need to be conscious of a few things that the heat brings:

1. Make sure you are hydrated before you train. You know how much you can sweat during a workout in the middle of Winter. Well double that in Spring and Summer. Plenty of water throughout the day will go a long way towards ensuring you don’t blow out due to dehydration. Also make sure you bring water with you or a bottle to fill up at the water filter or tap.

2. Speaking of sweating, can I request you all start bringing towels with you to training. Some of us sweat more than others and there is nothing worse than having to drop and do burpees in someone’s sweat angel from the session before. Place a towel on the floor and be considerate of your fellow members. If you do leave some DNA on the floor (or bars/rig), please use the towels and disinfectant to wipe it clean.

3. Lastly, this probably hasn’t really got anything to do with training, but while we are on the subject of hygiene, let’s leave the toilets clean after use (i.e brush away those skiddies), wash your hands after doing your offload, throw away your band aids and tape after use (I always find these on the floor after a session) and also wipe the benches down if you spill protein powder on them.

Thanks in advance,




5 rounds of:

5 Bench Press @ 70% of 1RM

then Max HR Push-ups

***Rest 2 mins between rounds.  Record your push-ups for each round.


In pairs, 3 rounds of:

200m Sled Drag 80/60kg (shared)

10 Front Rack Lunges 60/40kg (each)

*** Rest as needed between rounds


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