Stay on track with the Spring Challenge

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The 21 Day Spring Clean Challenge was intended as a way to jump start us to new habits. Unlike most challenges of this nature, it’s not a diet and there’s no strict eating regime. We’ve just provided some guidelines to set you on the right track. You alone can decide what habits serve you and which ones to shake.
Most importantly starting the challenge is about making a conscious choice to break some of the bad habits we developed over winter when we were more likely to go into “hibernating” mode. Let’s be honest, many of us do enjoy an extra hot chocolate, a sleep in or netflix binge a little more in the colder months.

To grow and move in a forward direction you have to remember that success isn’t measured by the outcome alone, success is as simple as making the decision and then taking the steps to move towards your goal. In the same vain, failure is not missing the goal, we only fail if we don’t even bother to try.  The decision to try alone, puts you miles in front of the nay sayers. That’s a celebration in itself. Celebrate the small moments and stay on your path.

Even the setbacks have a purpose, they teach us to try another way, or simply that challenges are part of life and we should just keep moving forward.

I hope your individual journeys are challenging you and teaching you, and you’re having some fun trying new things along the way.

Credit to Tony Robbins for the pep talk, after an amazing 4 days of his knowledge bombs I’m pumped for some big wins in life!

x Jo


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