Bon Voyage Coach Deano


Many of you know that Coach Deano is leaving us and heading up north with Jess to start a new chapter. Deano started with us back in our first Box in 2012.  She was a quiet, slim little thing who had a real drive to succeed at CrossFit.  Right from the start it was head down, bum up – she got the work done and proactively sought out extra training to improve her fitness and develop her strength.  Being a hard gainer, there was plenty of frustration.  Whilst some people could just look at a barbell and get gainz, Deano really had to work bloody hard for each and every PR. But that never stopped her.

The fire in her belly meant that she wasn’t going to let anything get in her way.  If she got knocked down, she’d get back up.  One of the most inspiring things I have ever seen was a little comp we ran at GEO a few years ago.  The WOD was 12-9-6 Front Squats and Burpees.  I can’t remember the exact weight but it was pretty close to Deano’s 1RM.  When all of the other girls had finished, Deano kept grinding away at those heavy front squats.  The Box was packed to the rafters with other athletes and spectators, and every single person got behind her because they could see the pain and sufferi10341572_825014234227661_812968856749818729_nng on her face.  When most other people would have given up and thrown in the towel, Deano kept picking up that heavy bar and throwing her whole soul into standing it up.  The atmosphere in the Box was like nothing I have seen before.  Think of 150 people yelling and screaming and sending positive vibes your way.  It really was surreal.  Deano finished the WOD and the whole crowd went ape shit!  It was gold.  It sent shivers down my spine.


When Deano told me she wanted to become a Coach and follow that path as a new career, I was 100% behind her.  Coaching,  just like doing CrossFit, is a never-ending journey.  You are constantly learning, adapting and improving.  In the whole scheme of things, Deano is at the beginning of that journey, but what she has shown so far leads me to believe that she will find success.

She has been an asset to GEO in both her Coaching and Athlete capacity.  Johanna and I appreciate all that she has done for our business in support of us and the community.

This story is not complete though without mentioning Jess who has also played an integral part in our community.  Jess started with us after initial skepticism of CrossFit.  Once she began though, it was very clear that she too was going to become a weapon! Jess, through a mountain of hard work and determination, became one of our strongest members (for both boy and girls) and she definitely inspired me to lift my game.

On the social side of things, Deano and Jess were aways involved in GEO parties, drinks/dinners, comps etc which went a long way to feeding the positive community feel that we strive for at GEO.  Whilst the girls no longer actually train with us, what they injected into GEO while they did was awesome!

Over the years we have shared many successes, moments of euphoria, frustration, good times and laughs.  On behalf of everyone at GEO I would like to wish Deano and Jess all the best in this next stage of their lives together.  You have both been an inspiration to many and we look forward to following your progress not only in CrossFit, but in your lives.

All the best girls.  Peace, Love and Gainz!



P.S. Deano will be coaching with us tomorrow morning, Saturday morning and Tuesday morning before heading off, so come on in and say good bye.




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