Working on single limb strength, balance and stability


In addition to working on your Deadlift and Clean this month, you will also be working on balancing both sides of your body so that the difference between your weak side and your strong side is not so obvious or, non-existent.  In strengthening your weak side, you will become a stronger and more efficient mover of your body and other things (e.g. weights).

Think about it – lets say you have a 40kg Strict Press when both arms are used together to push a barbell overhead.  Now you test your arms individually with a single arm dumbbell strict press.  If your right arm can lift a 15kg dumbbell and your left arm can only lift a 10kg dumbbell, then there is an obvious imbalance there.  Now imagine you work on bringing your left arm up to speed with the right and it can now lift a 15kg dumbbell overhead.  Well it makes sense then that your barbell strict press will increase as a result.  Apply this to squats as well.  Lets use the weighted step ups as an example.  We have done these a couple of times in recent weeks and you would have noticed a difference between the strength and balance in one leg compared to the other.  If you can get them both equally strong then your squat will go up.

Try to get in for these sessions.  If you are consistent with these workouts and you focus on good form but also challenge yourself, you will see results.



Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

6-6-6-6-6 each arm

Record the weight of the heaviest single dumbbell you use.


For time:






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