Using breathing techniques to improve your fitness, focus and mind control

In this fast paced world where we are always on the go, juggling multiple tasks and trying to squeeze as much as we can into the chaos, it can be extremely beneficial to take a moment to stop and just focus on our breath.  We take breathing for granted, but done properly, it can make massive positive changes to our health and fitness, our energy levels, it can reduce stress, and clarify and focus the mind.

Breathing exercises can create a crack in the turmoil of our lives and allow us to slow time down, to give ourselves the opportunity to focus on just one thing – a solution to a problem, or a necessary distraction from the stress, or a visualisation of what we intend to do next.

Mark Divine is an ex-Navy Seal Commander and the founder of SealFit.  You would expect that being a former Navy Seal he would be all about beating his chest and testosterone and going a hundred mile an hour, but he is quite the opposite.  He has a very strong yoga and martial arts focus which means that the mind and the spirit are equally as important as the body when it comes to training.   His approach to training is balanced with both “Yin” and Yang”.

Check out this video which features Mark as he teaches you some breathing and meditation techniques that can be used not only to complement your training in the Box but also your lives outside of the gym.




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