The “Crucible Project” is coming


Seeing as though it could be a wet weekend this week, I have shared this doco with you all because you may very well be spending some time in front of the telly, so you might as well watch something productive (well I think it is anyway). I have watched it a couple of times now and I never cease to be inspired and motivated to challenge myself not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I hope you guys draw some inspiration from it.

This video follows a group of regular men and women who spend a day with some ex-Navy Seal operators and Instructors, and are put through their paces.

I have long wanted to do an overnight and even a weekend long challenge to get people out of their comfort zones and see what they are really made of. It’s one thing to get uncomfortable inside the Box. It is a completely different story to get uncomfortable outside in nature. GEO, meaning “The Earth” actually started as an outdoor training provider, where we trained in various outdoor locations, rain, hail or shine.

I plan on organising more outdoor sessions, both as part of regular GEO programming but also as extra curricular programming. Yes, you will get dirty. Yes, you will get wet. Yes, the ground will be uneven. Yes, it will be cold and miserable. But that is part of the challenge.

Life has been made so easy for us that we get caught up in these little “comfort bubbles”, even at the Box. I want to take you guys outside, strip away the niceties, and get down and dirty.

Watch the video if you have time.

And watch this space. The “Crucible Project” is coming.



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