Congratulations to Mel and Rach – representing NSW Masters

The cream of the crop of old farts lifting stuff really really fast.

The cream of the crop of old farts lifting stuff really really fast.

Yesterday myself, Rach, Emma and Mel threw down at CrossFit Kia Kaha with a a bunch of other kick-arse fossils. I tell you what, some of the lifts and performances I saw were worthy of elite 20-somethings.  If you think the Masters comps are just a bunch of older people doing push-ups and squats, then you would be wrong.  The men and women who compete are all animals!  Our girls did such a good job and gave each WOD their all, with Mel and Rach securing podium spots in their respective divisions (Mel 3rd in 40-49 Soldiers, Rach 1st 50+ Soldiers) and being selected to represent NSW in the Masters State of Origin Comp to be held in October in Perth. Well done ladies!  That is a great accomplishment.  Congrats also to Katrina Stuve, our old Coach and still close friend to GEO, who also made it into the team.

I went in there not expecting to win, but definitely keen to be competitive, and the guys in my division just blew me away. It was a humbling experience and one which has motivated me to lift my game.  

All of the men and women there were inspiring and they smashed the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.



3 rounds not for time of:

15 Hollow to Arch Swings

30 sec Handstand Hold


1RM Snatch


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