Hands up if you want to work on your mobility

Hey guys,

There have been plenty of responses coming back from the survey sent out last week – it’s great.  Thank you.  Whilst you are still able to submit your answers/feedback until Wednesday, there’s one area I would like to address now and that is mobility.  Probably the biggest speed hump to improvement in CrossFit, I believe, is lack of mobility.  Lack of mobility can mean the difference between being able to get down to catch a clean or a snatch, and not.  Lack of mobility can make movement in general much less efficient which means you are wasting energy. Lack of mobility means you are unable to move freely and you may experience discomfort during and after a WOD. It obviously also impacts technique.

With this in mind, there will be a concerted effort by the Coaches to get you to mobilise both before and after the session. Unfortunately we only have 60 mins to work with.  During this 60 mins we have to warm you up (mobilise), coach movements for multiple workouts, give you time to actually perform the workouts, and then cool you down (mobilise). What we request from you all is a concerted effort to be on time and ready to rock and roll once the session starts.  We also ask that during transitions between warm-ups, WODs and cool downs, that you get a hustle on.  That extra minute or two of slowly getting ready for the next phase of the session really eats into the time we have available to do everything we want to do with you.  And more often than not, it’s the post-WOD stretch that suffers. If you need to do your own mobility/stretching to work on specific niggles, please try and get into the Box a touch earlier or work on it after your session.  That includes the 5.30am session.  The coaches are normally there at least 5 mins early to open up.  We understand that sometimes running late is just unavoidable.  We get that.  But if you guys can put in the effort, we will do our best to deliver everything you need during a session.

A really good resource you all can use at home for improving your mobility is “The Supple Leopard” series and “Mobility WOD” series on youtube.  Kelly Starrett is THE mobility guru and and he has literally put together hundreds, dare I say thousands of videos on mobility for you to use.  Check it out.  Here’s one below:

Lets try and kick this off tomorrow and see if we can’t

Thanks guys.







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