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Hey guys,  as many of you know, a survey was emailed to you a few days ago.  Johanna and I, as the owners, felt it was a good time to touch base with you all and see where people’s heads are at with regards to the gym, the community (staff and members) and the workouts.  You all make up the community of GEO and we value your input and feedback (good and bad).  It is very easy for us all to just be complacent and go with the flow (owners, coaches and members) and sometimes it takes something like this to give us all a bit of a jolt to reflect and then take action so that we keep heading in the right direction.

Please use this survey as an opportunity to let us know what we are doing right (it’s always nice to hear good feedback), but more importantly what you think we could change or do better.  We want your hour at GEO to be something you look forward to everyday.  If there is something you want to see at GEO that is not there at the moment, let us know. People’s wants, needs and desires change over time and we recognise that. We are not rigid.  Just as you as athletes adapt to the training, we will also adapt to the needs of you all.

So far we have got back some really good responses and it has given us an overall picture of what you guys think, but that has only come from half of the membership.  We’d love to hear from everyone.

As you can imagine, we have a very varied community and as such, we have some very varied responses and requests. All of the feedback will be looked at in total and we will address each point that is raised in an email to you all.  Please bear in mind that whilst we will endeavour to address everything, we will not be able to please everyone.  That will not come from being upset or “pissed off” with your feedback, but rather from a logistical, or financial standpoint.  There are some things that we just can’t do.

Please keep your feedback flowing in.  We hope to have some answers/solutions for you all next week.

Thanks guys,




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