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Hey guys,

CrossFit GEO is supporting the inaugural “Rainbow Round of Sport” in a bid to boot out homophobia in sport.  You are encouraged to come in tomorrow for the 7 & 8am sessions and lace up your shoes with a pair of rainbow shoelaces as a symbol of your stance against homophobia.

Basically we’ll be spending our regular two hours of training doing 2-3 fun team workouts that everyone can participate in.  And while we are at it, we can also promote OUR community – the GEO community – which welcomes people of all race, age, sex, religion and socio-economic background.  With all of the hate and fighting and war that is going on around the world these days, it is nice to know that GEO can be a sanctuary for you where you will be accepted for who you are as a person and not for who you sleep with, or which church you may pray in (or not), or what colour your skin is.

If you can’t make it in at 7, that’s cool.  Come in at 8 and we’ll slot you into a team.  Feel free to bring in friends and family. There won’t be anything too technical, but if needed we can scale.

Don’t forget also that we’ll be getting together for a drink and a feed at the Woolwich Pier Hotel at 6pm.  Please pop in and celebrate your efforts over the last couple of months as we let our hair down, get out of our active wear, and get to know each other little better away from the barbell.




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