WOD – Saturday 19 March 2016


Time to hit 16.4, an absolute grind.

55 reps of deadlifts, wallballs, row (cals), and HSPU’s or hand release push-ups.  How far will you get in 13 minutes?  Kaino had a crack last night and was able to share some good tips based on his effort.  The best tip he gave, and one I echo is to think about breaking up your deadlift reps from the start.  Don’t go out too hard in the deadlifts with a big set because you will gas out. Try to stay steady and keep your rests consistent.  Depending on how heavy the weight is for you, think about doing sets of 5, 10 or 15.

Wallballs are one of those movements where you can always get out more reps than you think you can.  The speed of your wallballs will come down to a mental game.  How deep are you willing to dig to stick to an efficient rep scheme?  Decide on a rep scheme you know you can do – 10’s or 15’s and stick to it.  You know you can do it.  Don’t walk away from the WOD with regret.

Luckily for many of you, you rowed on Thursday and went pretty damn hard too.  You should have a good idea of what sort of pace is sustainable for 55 cals, bearing in mind you did 12 or 15 cals on Thursday.  Nice and steady.  Drive with legs, pause at full extension.  Don’t be in a rush to get back.

Hopefully we see plenty of you make it to the HSPU’s.  Again, we hit HSPU technique this week.  If you attended that session, and you make it to the HSPU, remember your kipping technique.  Bring the knees down to your chest and open the hips explosively and fire the legs up so that your shoulders do not fatigue unnecessarily.

Good luck guys.  As always, put in the fight no matter which version you do and be happy with your efforts.



55 Deadlifts 102/70kg
55 Wallballs 9/6kg
55-cal Row
55 Handstand push-ups


55 Deadlifts 61/43kg
55 Wallballs 9/4kg (both to 9 foot target – black line)
55-cal Row
55 Hand release push-ups

MASTERS (0ver 55) RX

55 Deadlifts 83/56kg
55 Wallballs 9/4kg (both to 9 foot target – black line)
55-cal Row
55 Push Press 43/30kg


55 Deadlifts 61/43kg
55 Wallballs 6/4kg (both to 9 foot target – black line)
55-cal Row
55 Push Press 30/20kg




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