WOD – Tuesday 22 December 2015


Come join us for the 12 Days of Christmas this Thursday

Thursday is Christmas Eve and our last morning of sessions before we break for Xmas and Boxing Day.  Every year around this time we hit a monster WOD called “the 12 Days of Christmas”.  It’s an epic workout that has 12 different movements in it and is performed much the same way as the song goes (listen to the song if you don’t know what I’m talking about).  We normally only run it during one huge session before we close but this year it will be run at 5.30am, 6.30am and 9.30am.  9.30am will be the big session because we won’t be restricted by time and we can hang out afterwards and have a feed and maybe a sneaky beer.  Whilst it is not compulsory, if you are coming to 9.30 and you would like to bring a plate of food to share, that would be great.  Miron normally goes all out and brings the best leg of ham I have ever tasted.  You may be lucky to sample his handiwork.  

So dig out your tinsel, reindeer ears, red, white and green active wear and come and join us for the last big hurrah of the year!

We will be open the following week but only at 8am from Monday to Thursday.  Deano has volunteered to run a session on New Year’s Day for all of you who want to kick off 2016 with a bang!  Session time to come. 



The movements in this WOD require a certain level of proficiency and skill.  For those of you who are not quite up to speed with these movements, do not be deterred.  There will be a number of progressions/scaling options for you to substitute in place.

Every 2 mins for 18 mins:

Station 1: max rep Muscle-ups for 45 secs (rest 75 secs)

Station 2: 10m Handstand Walk

Station 3: 45 sec L-sit


Against a 2 min running clock, perform:

3 Hang Cleans 60/40kg

6 Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg

9 Front Squats 60/40kg

Rest 2 mins.  Complete 3 times.


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