WOD – Friday 13 November 2015



Our inaugural “Friday Night Lights” in-house comp is on tonight at GEO.  It will be run from 6pm to 8pm in place of the regular Friday night session.  The 5.15pm Open Gym session will still be on.

Hoffy has come up with some nice WODs for you guys to play with.  This is not a serious, strict comp for advanced athletes only.  It is designed for every member of GEO to get involved in.  It will be 2 hours of  hanging out, hitting some WODs (which can all be scaled), supporting each other and going around giving out copious amounts of high-5’s.  For those who are interested, we’ll hit the Hunters Hill Hotel for post-workout food and beverages afterwards.  So come and join us guys.  It will be fun.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY (5.30am, 6.30am, 9.30am only)


In teams of 3, complete 5 sets for max reps/cals:

60 secs Rowing

60 secs Dumbbell Manmakers

60 secs Thrusters 30/15kg


Rest 60 secs

*** teams get one rower, one set of dumbbells and one barbell.  Team members rotate through the 3 work stations at 60 sec intervals and all members rest at the same time.  Complete this 5 times.


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