The Battle of the Ages – Raising money for earthquake victims in Nepal


Hi guys,

Just a reminder that CrossFit GEO is hosting The Battle of the Ages WODs tomorrow.  The cost is $30 per person (please bring cash), 100% of which will be taken to Nepal where a group of us will use it to help a local Kathmandu community get back on their feet after the devastation of the April earthquakes.

You’ll be competing with the help of someone in a similar age bracket to yourself so this will create a little friendly competition between the youngens and the fossils, plus those in between.  Most people competing have already partnered up with someone, but if you have not yet got one, come along anyway and we will hook you up.

We’ll provide an overview of the workouts at 9am and then get straight into it.  The Box will be open from 8am for those who want to warm-up or give us a hand getting things ready.  As has been mentioned, the workouts are all fairly basic and can be as challenging as you and your partner want to make them i.e. go hard or take it easy.  This is all about getting the community together for a good cause, not about who get’s on the podium.

If you have your own skipping rope, you might want to bring it along – just sayin’.  There will be no lifting but plenty of other movements to test you and your partner.

For everyone taking part, you will get a sausage on a roll at the end of the WODs.  No, it’s not fancy, but we wanted to give you something that was not going to eat into the funds we are trying to raise.  For those who are inclined, please feel free to bring a plate of food to share.

Spectators, family and friends can also get a bite to eat at $3 per Sausage on a roll.  Bottled water will be sold for $2 to everyone (athletes and spectators) who wants one.

A special thanks to Dani Adendorff from Wodventures who is donating 3 x $200 gift vouchers to be put towards one of their awesome CrossFitting holidays.  Also to Darren Kennedy from Arthurs Bavarian Bakehouse for supplying us with the bread rolls, and Lauren Richo and Rob Wylie for hooking us up with the snags.

We’ll see you tomorrow.  Namaste,







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