The First CrossFit Games Open WOD will be released today at midday.

Christmas has come to CrossFit.  The day has arrived – the first of the 2015 Games Open WODs will be released today at midday.  What will it be?  

You can watch the live stream on

We will be running Workout 15.1 at 5pm today for anyone who would like to do it.  It will also be run tomorrow from 8am, and then again during all of the regular sessions on Monday.  For those who do it today or tomorrow, and do not want to do it again on Monday, an alternate WOD will be available for you to perform.

To launch the the first of the Open WODs, we’ll be having a sausage sizzle tomorrow from 9.30am.  The cost will be $5 per person and you’ll get sausages (without or without bread), salad, coffee, tea and juice. The Saturday Open Workout sessions have traditionally been a popular day for us and have really brought the community together.  Come and join us if you are free.

Unlike regular sessions, tomorrow will run a little differently.  Depending on how many people we get, you’ll be allocated a partner (someone who will judge you and who you will judge) and a time slot to perform the WOD.  If you have to get away early, just let one of the coaches know.  We will go through the movements at 8am so if you are unsure, so please make sure you are there then.  Feel free to bring your friends/family along to watch.  It is quite a spectacle.

Whilst you do not have to be registered to perform the WODs, it is always a better experience if you do because:

A. You are part of a worldwide competition and event – how many times can you make that claim?;

B. Being Officially registered tends to drive you to a whole new level of performance; and 

C. You will be a part of the Geo team and your efforts will help us as a Box move up the leaderboard.

As always, all WODs can be scaled and modified if needed

To register, go to



“The A-TEAM”

30min AMRAP

In teams of 4, perform:

100 Goblet Squats 24/16kg
100m Tyre Drag
100 Push-ups
100m Tyre Drag
100 Ring Rows
100m Tyre Drag
100 Lunges with KB 24/16kg
100m Tyre Drag
100 Dumbbell Push Press 20/15kg
100m Tyre Drag
100 Pull-ups
100m Tyre Drag
100 Wall Balls
100m Tyre Drag
100 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
100m Tyre Drag
100 KB Sumo Deadlifts 24/16kg
100m Tyre Drag


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