Why You Should Register for the CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Games season is about to begin? “So, what’s that got to do with me?” you ask.

The CrossFit Games Open is the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games, which is a week long event held in July for the World’s Fittest CrossFitters to compete against each other in some very challenging WODs.  You’ve probably seen these machines on TV.

The Open, by comparison, is a 5 week long competition which is targeted not just at the elite athletes but at every member of every Box around the globe.  It is the one time when you have the opportunity to compete against every other CrossFitter in the World – your friends within your Box, your friends who CrossFit overseas, and the elite athletes who you watch performing insanely challenging movements on YouTube.  Whilst it is a competition (your result will be recorded on a Worldwide Leaderboard), it is more about bringing the community together and supporting each other to rise to the occasion that is the biggest focus for us at Geo.

In the past, the WOD has been released at around lunchtime on Thursday.  We have then performed the WOD on Thursday evening during the regular sessions, and then again on Saturday morning during the regular sessions.  The Saturday sessions have traditionally been a great day to come in and have a crack at the WOD.  We normally get big numbers in attendance and the atmosphere in the Box is palpable.  Everyone is amped up.  Nerves and anxiety are high, but once you get started, something special happens.  The support and encouragement you get from the other members watching on seems to drive you to a whole new level and quite often you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could.

I know for a fact that many of you are thinking, “I’m only new. I’m not good enough yet”, or “What’s the point? I’m not trying to go to the Games.”

I have been a part of 4 x CrossFit Games Open competitions now and trust me when I say it is an experience you do not want to miss out on.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t lift heavy, or you’re not that fast, or you can’t do that movement.  As with all WODs, you can scale.  And, in fact, for the first time this year, CrossFit Inc is actually programming a scaled option for each of the 5 WODs.  But even if that scaled option is something you can’t do, we’ll scale back even more.  It’s not about being the best.  It’s about getting in there and having a go, no matter what level you are at.  People who do the Open often find they do things they couldn’t do before.

So if you have not yet registered for the CrossFit Games Open, please do.  I want you all to experience the Challenge and the Satisfaction of competing in this event. This is your opportunity to see what you are made of.  Hit the link below and jump on board.  It’s only $20.  By the way, if you can’t make it to every one of the WODs, it’s not the end of the world.  Just do what you can.



Watch the video below and then let me know if you still think you can’t do the Open.


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