WOD – Thursday 22 January 2014



20 minutes working on your pull-up technique



“Death by Pull-up, Push-up, Squat”

Every minute on the minute attempt to complete an ascending number of reps:

1st minute – 1 x Pull-up, 1 x Push-up, 1 x Squat

2nd minute – 2 x Pull-ups, 2 x Push-ups, 2 x Squats

3rd minute – 3 x Pull-ups, 3 x Push-ups, 3 x Squats….and so on.

***Go for as long as you by completing the required reps within the given minute.  Once it takes you longer than a minute to get through, you are done.  Record the last completed minute a stour score.

****Push-ups are hand release

*****For those of you are not proficient with the pull-up, another option is Ring Rows.



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