WOD – Wednesday 7 January 2015


Hey folks,
Welcome back to the Box. I’ve seen many of you already and I look forward to seeing the rest of you soon. The Coaches are pumped to help you all reach your 2015 goals. Don’t be afraid to share them with us. We are there for you.

Just a little bit of house cleaning to get things started. Can you please leave your bags on the shelves opposite the bathroom. With big numbers coming in to train, we need to maximise our floor space and the odd bag lying around can become a potential trip hazard.

Please bring a towel with you to each session otherwise I fear the 7pm session will be training in the accumulated sweat of the 6 sessions before them.

On that note, can all of the bars be wiped down at the end of each sesh – there are clean rags and disinfectant beside the whiteboard.

The squat racks have been deliberately placed in the back right corner between the tyre and the rig. You will notice that all 6 racks fit neatly into this area. Please return them to same area after you have used them. For some reason people find it hard grasp the concept of using space efficiently. We may run a workshop on it to teach the technique. See a coach if you just can’t get it. Don’t be embarressed.

We have new floors in the bathroom. Lads (and maybe some ladies???) if you misfire, do us a favour and wipe the floor clean, or just work on your accuracy – remember, accuracy is one of the 10 CrossFit standards of fitness.

That’s about it for now. We have installed the TV units for Wodify which should be up and running soon. Watch this space.

17 min AMRAP
30 Box Jumps
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (or assisted pull-ups)
10 Ground to Overhead 60/40kg

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