Who wants to compete?

all star affiliate series


Hey guys,

So who’s pumped after watching the CrossFit Games?  Are any of you keen to do a CrossFit comp?  Now’s the season with more comps coming up as the weather gets warmer.  You  don’t have to be experienced nor do you have to RX WODs to be comp ready.  Most competitions these days cater to all levels of fitness – just like what we did for the Trident Games.  There’s normally something for everyone.

They are a good day out, a great way to bond with the rest of the Geo peeps, and also an awesome opportunity to test yourself.  You will find you will rise to the occasion – I promise.

On Saturday and Sunday 30 & 31 of August, Geo has entered an Advanced team of athletes to compete in one of the bigger comps on the Australian CrossFit calendar – All-Star Affiliate Series.  Entry into this comp was highly sought after and we only just managed to get in it was that popular.  Our kick-arse team will be made up of 3 men and 3 women – Drew, Deano, Jess, Charlotte, Loz and Hoff.  They’ll be competing against Game’s and Regional level athletes.  It’s going to be a big show so if you are free to come along and show your support it will go along way to letting our guys to perform at their very best.  


On Saturday 6 September, CrossFit Plus (up on the Central Coast) will be holding it’s annual comp for individuals – The Coastal CrossFit Carnage Throwdown.  Don’t be put off by the name. This comp will offer Master’s categories from 40 years, as well as different levels for both Men and Women.  Registration opens this Sunday from 5pm.  Check out WODBuzz to register.


On Sunday 28 September, CrossFit Feel Good will be holding it’s annual comp up at Mt Colah (near Hornsby).  There’s something for everyone in this comp – Individuals (Men and Women), Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners, Teams (2 Men, 2 Women) and Strongman which will be based on weight.  Bunnings has already thrown his hat in the ring for this one, registering as an Advanced Individual.  If you would like to have a crack, jump on board as this one is near capacity.   Not quite ready to go individual and would like some support out on the field?  Then get a team together – 2 guys, 2 girls.  Be quick guys.  Spots won’t last on this one.


On Sunday 12 October, Geo (yes, Geo) will be holding a team comp.  Details are yet to finalised and registration will be open to Geo members and select other Boxes, but it will be big.  Keep your eyes open for more details on this one.



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